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Eternal Conquest®™

Eternal Conquest®™ Video Game Franchise

  • Eternal Conquest®™ - The Great War®™ also known as ECTGW®™ is Aloye's Premium Video Game Franchise. The game will be released on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, MacOS, and Windows PC.
  • We are also considering releasing on Nintendo DS/Wii/NX, Xbox One, PS3/PS4, PS Vita.
  • - Classic JRPG Style Play
  • - Over 180 hours of continuous playtime
  • - Immense Worlds, dungeons, and towns
  • - Rich, Deep, and Detailed Story Line
  • - Unprecedented game play, exploration, quests, and battles
  • - Join Aloyus The Wise®™, Jamus Gratus®™, Tymethius®™ Bel Weiden®™, and others
  • - Time and Season based content, quests, npc, towns, and events - meaning certain parts of the game only activate during certain times and seasons. Time and Season functionality will be released in an update or via subscription. Details pending.
  • - Geographc based content - meaning certain quests, npc, towns, events, and dungeons only activate based on the location of the player. Geographic functionality will be released in an update or via subscription. Details pending.

Get In The Game

Do you want to appear in Eternal Conquest?

  • Immortalize yourself, your husband, wife, child, parent, or other significant person by putting them in the Eternal Conquest®™ Video Game as an NPC (non player) Quest Giver Character
  • Get exclusive access to the Eternal Conquest®™ Beta for iPhone and iPad once your character has been written into the game.
  • Plus get a complimentary copy of the production game for iPhone or iPad as soon as it is released commercially!

Take Action

Here is how to take advantage of this exclusive opportunuty

  • 1 - Purchase an Eternal Conquest®™ Immortality Pack and pay the $180 fee via the paypal link below.
  • 2 - Provide the First Name and Last Name of the Person you wish to immortalize as an NPC Character in the game.
  • 3 - Let us know if the character should be male or female.
  • 4 - Let us know if you prefer to be immortalized as a Human, Dragon, Monster, Centaur, or Elf Type Character.
  • 5 - We will write you into the game in the appropriate location and provide you with screen shots and video showing your character as we develop it into the game.
  • 6 - Once the chapter or stage your character has been written into becomes stable and free of bugs, we will provide you with a Beta Version of the Eternal Conquest®™ game to install on your iPhone or iPad.
  • 7 - When the game goes live and becomes availale for sale on the Apple App Store, you will get a voucher that allows you to buy it and download it free of charge.

  • Male/Female
    Character Type
    Character's First & Last Name
    Your Phone Number w/ Area Code


Eternal Conquest®™ - The Great War®™ Game Screen Shots


Eternal Conquest®™ - The Great War®™ Game Preview